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Summer Days

Ah! The warm days of summer…Here in Santa Cruz, California , summer is fairly predictable. Foggy mornings followed by clear skies that then lead to breezy afternoons…What’s not to like? Not too hot, not too cold….just right!
Today I was practicing in my studio on a piece that I plan to teach to a group of new creators in the pastel medium. There wasn’t time for detail, for the goal was to get the job done in a timely manner to demonstrate the ability of pastels for creating art. So much of life can be this way. No time for the small details….rush, rush, rush….It’s as though if in this day and age, if we are not completely feeling overwhelmed by life, we feel unproductive, lazy even. So what are the details?
In a landscape painting, I would pay close attention to the foreground and carefully place dry blades of tall grass or perhaps just the right cluster of poppy flowers. Further back in the composition, I would look for the sunlight carefully placed on the foliage to let my viewer know just what time of day it is. This detail work comes later in the painting process…almost at the end.
Do I have to wait to the end of the day to put the finishing touches on my life? After getting all that needs to be done, done….is it then that I look at my loved ones faces and notice how they are? Is this the time I stop long enough to pet my needy animals? What about the tall sunflowers growing happily with their sunshine faces in my garden…did I even look today?
And so it is… another art/life lesson. Summer days are days to slow down and pay attention to the details of everyday life.
Wishing you a most lazy summer season….

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  1. Elizabeth Kendall

    A lovely read, thanks so much for sharing Donna. Wishing you warm and beautiful summer days and creative painting!

    • donnatheresa

      Thank you for your kind words Elizabeth….warm summer wishes to you….

  2. Robin Jameson

    We’re so lucky to have this kind of weather pretty much all year long.


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