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Revisiting an Older Piece of Work

Preparing for an upcoming Open Studio , I am building my original art inventory . Referring to previous original works I have completed, I am reinventing the image . Using a larger piece of high quality archival sanded paper by Pastelmat
( 15.5″ x 12″), I am finding this a most rewarding practice. Improving upon already existing work builds skills and most of all confidence. It helps me to see the pastel marks that I made on the previous piece versus working from a photo. It’s a more direct instructional experience for me. To reproduce a piece of art relieves me of the interpretation needed to paint from a photo. To practice what one has already accomplished with a measurable bit of success is confidence building. As an artist , half of the challenge is having such confidence. Confidence to even claim my place in the world as a creative person…an artist … to me that takes some moxie, some gumption, some confidence!

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