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October Offerings

When I think of October, I visualize the roundness of the capital “O”. Then follows another roundness in the fourth letter followed by a “b” which is roundness with a stalk. When I think of October, I think of the number 18. I love the number 8 with it’s infinite design….continuously moving into infinity around itself. October heralds in the crisp morning air so visceral I can see the clarity. The sun rises but ends it’s ascent just before the giant cypress tree in front of my house. My house receives all the fallen leaves of my circle neighborhood. My house is the gathering place of the golden crowned sparrows singing their languid tunes and juncos skittering among the fallen debris.
When I think of October, I remember elementary school with newness of pencils and notebooks , a new sweater to spice up my uniform. October may find me in the kitchen throwing scraps together in a pot of stew that simmers all afternoon. There is hope in October. A returning to the hearth of family and all that is meaningful…
I pass another year on this Earth in October and I wonder if not here then where else would I be?
Gratitude fills my heart this time of year. Thank you my friends of art and beauty for coming by to see me and my artwork this Open Studio 2019 tour. Your warm compliments filled me with confidence in my pursuit of creating joy through the luminous medium of soft pastel. Thank you to my seasoned collectors and new collectors and hope you find that perfect spot for your new aquisition. I am so flattered that you found joy in my work. Gratitude is the antidote to the illusion of endless want. Gratitude removes all expectations and relieves me from the chatter in my mind. Creating art brings me to this place of gratitude without fail every time I pick up a stick of color…. Tell me, what are you grateful for?
Come on out to beautiful Capitola By The Sea for the 5th Annual Art Festival. I will be one of 40 professional artists participating in this fun event. Look for me painting in action and check out the “Quick Draw” on Saturday. All painting completed during this festival will be available for purchase on Sunday, November 3rd @ New Brighton Middle School Performing Arts Center.

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  1. Mindy Pedlar

    Lovely October thoughts Donna. And speaking of gratitude, our power just came back on! Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful work in Capitola!

    • donnatheresa

      Thank you my friend. See you soon!


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