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My Favorite Place

Do you have a favorite place? Perhaps there are more than one. How lucky one is to find a spot that inspires and rejuvenates. A place that brings renewal and peace.
We all know the state of affairs in the world. Well, the very young are spared the drama.
Oh to be that young again….. As my young adult son claims, “Growing up is hard.”
I agree. I’ve done my time in the trenches of life. Now I am so lucky to be on the other side of that growth and struggle. Now, I find myself in growth without the struggle.
Sure aging has it’s challenges, and I am lucky to have good health, but I am talking about feeling like one has a place in the world….a sense of belonging.
It took me well into my fourth decade of life to have that sense of belonging…and it began when I started a family of my own. So to my young adult son I say…”Thank you for anchoring my life and giving it purpose…don’t worry , it will all be ok…you have a place my heart.”

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