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My Favorite Place

Do you have a favorite place? Perhaps there are more than one. How lucky one is to find a spot that inspires and rejuvenates. A place that brings renewal and peace.

New Brighton Beach

Investing in art materials is just that , an investment Living in beautiful Santa Cruz California calls for painting outdoors.

Revisiting an Older Piece of Work

Preparing for an upcoming Open Studio , I am building my original art inventory . Referring to previous original works I have completed, I am reinventing the image . Using a larger piece of high quality archival sanded paper by Pastelmat

Off Season

Summer greens can get a bit monotonous….Why not paint the colors of autumn in summer? Or the springtime lovelies…. exercising my artistic license….off season.

Hello Again! Memories from Europe….

Four countries, four people, eight locations, walked 130 miles….trains, planes, stinky buses, gliding gondolas….Europe. Travel is intense living. Three and a half weeks is an ambitious time frame to fit it all in.

Bon Voyage!

Tomorrow I leave for a grand European vacation with my family. New adventure awaits …. more memories to be made.

Working Bigger than Usual

Working this size takes planning. It’s a practice I am actively practicing!! Planning… In composition, I plan where I want my viewer’s eye to go.

Capturing the Light

This is a work in progress… Trying to continue to capture the light and define the shadow meanwhile enjoying the friendship these three buddies are sharing.

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