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A Change of Seasons

Season is defined by change….especially on the cusp in between seasons…I feel that transition most when autumn arrives…It’s as if I go to bed one evening and the air is warm and thick with summer only to wake up the next morning with a chill in the air that is thin and crisp and full of the sounds of the waking hours …The light is more luminous as the sun …

Sunset to Moonrise

This composition I have tackled before….It used to be a sunset entitled
“Settling Down”
I recently treated myself to a new set of Terry Ludwig’s pastel set of 14 luscious violets. So I thought I would rework a piece using a different palette. Now the moon rises….and I have named it Moonlit Sonata….Ironically, right now I am plugging away learning Beethoven”s Moonlit Sonata on the piano. For me, living artistically is the key to my happiness. Whether playing classical piano or rendering beauty in the landscape with pastels, or dancing ballet….I am in my creative element and that brings me joy. What brings you joy? I would love to hear about it….

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