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A New Year…A New Challenge

Happy New Year my friends in art!
With the new year comes new ideas, new goals, new challenges, a desire to start anew…try something different…improve our lives in some way.
I am in the midst of a 31 daily painting challenge for the month of January. That is, I am painting one painting each day for the entire month. If I meet my goal, I will have produced 31 new works of art! Phew! Most of these pieces are 8 x 10 inches or smaller, so not a huge amount of real estate to cover….but committing to a creative endeavor on a daily basis does many wonderful things.
It puts myself first…that’s a concept! All of my life I have been in service to others…as young as age 15 I was working as a dental assistant after school! Ten years later I was embarking on my education to gain my degree in nursing…Ten years of nursing led me to become a mom….and 20 years later…here I am. Well, I’m still a mom gratefully and will always be, but the clutch has flown so to speak and now I am living for me after a very long time.
Life is a series of chapters and cycles and we cannot know the end of each chapter too soon. I don’t know how this artistic journey will play out…if it will take me to the end of this wonderful life I lead…but for today and the rest of the month I will be at my easel making beautiful colorful pastel paintings because it brings me unparalleled joy….
Wishing you all a beautiful 2019 filled with your brand of joy!

~Donna Theresa

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  1. Robin

    Donna – I love the concept and spirit of creative self enrichment. Whether the results are a brilliant success or fall a bit short, it’s all part of the growing process which adds such perspective to our lives.


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