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A Little Luck Peppered with a Lot of Love

A little story…
My husband I went birdwatching on our first date at Lake Hodges in San Diego County. Maybe a little geeky but ever so cute…Before this, having been raised in Los Angeles, the only association I had with birds was the famous Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds”! So it is easy to assume that I did not really care about birds…
My husband and I married and went birdwatching…alot…we even went on a bona fide birdwatching vacation with alot of bird watching geeks. That was in Costa Rica. There were aspects of it that I enjoyed and some I did not. I loved watching how the birds behaved and interacted with eachother. I did not like standing around looking up and straining my neck in humid 100 degree weather in the jungle!
Birdwatching opened my eyes to a world that I did not even care to wonder about…being a city girl and all…and it led to other wonderful things. The Black Phoebe, pictured in the painting, is a lovely little friend to have on the trail. She will follow you or rather lead you along for when you walk by her, your walking will stir up any bugs that may be lingering around…so she has lots to eat. It’s a symbiotic relationship…
So my husband and I carried on traveling and birdwatching and then a family grew from our union.
First a boy named after his father and then a little blonde girl named Phoebe. We named her after this lovely little creature of nature…My Phoebe is full of wonder and loves to be by my side even as she matures into adulthood being ever my friend and companion…
This piece above entitled “For Phoebe” has brought me much luck in the pastel exhibition world having been selected for two very prestigious shows …
So with a little luck and a lot of love, what once was a nothing becomes something so much more!

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  1. Lily Beard

    Beautiful story, and nice painting too!

  2. Sandra Lee Richards

    You really do capture the beauty in nature, Donna. What a great talent! Thanks for sharing it with me.


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