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A Change of Seasons

Season is defined by change….especially on the cusp in between seasons…I feel that transition most when autumn arrives…It’s as if I go to bed one evening and the air is warm and thick with summer only to wake up the next morning with a chill in the air that is thin and crisp and full of the sounds of the waking hours …The light is more luminous as the sun begins to travel lower in the sky which lends to compelling shapes and shadows to stare at and wonder how to render that….
Change is good. I love change..Travel to new places…rearrange the furniture or if that’s impossible at least arrange a new tabletop display…or in my case rotate the many paintings I have in my inventory…the side benefit of being an artist…a never ending supply of wall decor…
Autumn is my favorite season….My birthday is in the fall and my mental calendar starts in the fall. The year starts at the end of September for me…I have to believe that is a leftover memory /feeling from childhood as I anxiously awaited the start of the new school year. Yes, I was one of those kids who loved school…
So tell me…what’s your favorite season and why?
Would love to hear from you…..

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